Travel Insurance

What Is Travel Insurance?

Picture this – you’re about to set off on an exciting holiday. You’ve got your travel visa, your tickets, hotel bookings and everything else in order. You land at your destination and find that your luggage has been misplaced. Or worse, you’re the victim of theft and you are left in a foreign country without your passport or any cash! Dealing with these situations can be expensive and difficult – especially if you’re in a country where you don’t speak the language. But that’s precisely why travel insurance is so crucial!

Travel insurance is a unique product that offers you financial help in case something were to go wrong while you’re travelling. It covers a range of scenarios, including medical and dental emergencies, theft of your money or passport loss, flight cancellation and misplaced or lost luggage.


Coverage for Flight Related Issues

Even though an aeroplane is considered one of the safest ways to travel, accidents do not knock before coming. Flight-related issues include the delayed travel or hijack situation, the insurance plan will cover you for the expenses occurring during the course of adversity.

Cashless Treatment

Although we do not wish to visit a hospital during a holiday, actually having to go there can also be financially draining. However, you can get covered under the travel insurance plans and benefit from the cashless facility. You can avail this service at the hospitals, which are empanelled under the insurance provider.

Trip-Related Adversities

A lot of reasons can force you to cancel your trip, stay back, and attend to more important matters. Buying a travel insurance plan can protect from losing money. This includes non-refundable flight tickets, hotel bookings, etc.

A Plan for Every Age

People belonging to different age groups have varied preferences regarding a trip. Where the aged individuals require more travel assistance and they are also vulnerable to theft and other similar incidents. The good thing is that you can buy travel insurance policy specific to your age group with apt benefits and coverage.

Emergency Cash Advance

Your travel insurance policy includes cash advances in emergency situations. Getting stuck abroad due to hospitalisation, loss of credit card/cash and traveller's cheques can be troublesome. With an insurance policy, you can receive a cash advance after a specified time.

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